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mercredi 23 février 2011

Bombay city of angels


Köszönöm Hojnal ! Dhanyavaad Rajesh !

Namaste India !!!

The girl with a sixth finger

Monday morning, Hojnal and I go to see the Pagoda, a gigantic Buddhist meditation temple. At the train station, when it's our turn to purchase our tickets a young girl presses herself against the ticket counter window. It's like that in India, you have to struggle to get what you want.

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Singing love songs on the train


Train to Mumbai from Kochin. The Indians who share the compartment with me are going home from a holiday on the backwaters. Two of them are the young parents of 4- year- old Neev. The second couple is his aunty and uncle and then there is one girl who is a cousin. Very young, they are all married, yet they are quite modern. The guys don't have moustaches, the girls are wearing western style clothes and papa takes good care of Neev !

Train de Kochin à Mumbai . Les indiens qui partagent le compartiment avec moi rentrent à la maison de passer des vacances sur les Backwaters. Deux d'entre eux sont les jeunes parents de Neev 4 ans. Le second couple est sa tante et son oncle, puis il y a une fille qui est une cousine. Très jeunes, ils sont tous mariés, cependant ils sont plutot modernes. Les gars ne portent pas de moustaches, les filles portent des vêtements de style occidental et papa prend bien soin de Neev !

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