This afternoon I went to Shopper's Stop (sort of Marks n Spencers or Galeries Lafayette) - really clean, with AC and expensive designer products. Was quite a nice feeling if you take out the fact that every sales person was looking at me smiling and hoping I'll buy something. Well I was just there for a traveller's belt, something discreet, you can put under your teeshirt, and put your money and passport in. Coming home, I had a nice crazy ride on a rickshaw (kind of 3- wheel-open on the sides taxi). The driver missed the turn on the left (on a big boulevard with thousands of cars) and said something like 'damm it! I missed it, I forgot!' in hindi. And here we were heading on a neverending road with no possibility of going back. I thought 'hmm, maybe I should get off now' cos the traffic in the other direction was totally blocked and we were going deeper in the wrong direction. But I stayed on. He tried to tell me something, I didn't get it. But then I realised he'd put the meter to 0 so I thought that was nice of him. And then we took a turn on the left on another road and he bullied the rickshaw through the trafic, overtaking like mad and got us to the house in no time and for cheaper than what I'd paid going to the shop. I told him : 'you're a good driver !' and gave him a tip.