After a short visit to Cesare Baba, we go for a chai and samosas at the Baba Cafe. On our way a crazy Buffalo seems to not like us and follows us... Luckily the buffalo man controls it. I see this as a bad sign. But for Yoshi it is good because the man helped us. Then I remembered the dead bat we saw in the morning trapped in electrical wires. I'd never seen such a big fat bat ! I wonder what it means !? woow I'm becoming all mystical ;))

We head up the hill to the Hanuman Temple to enjoy the beautiful view. Hanuman is the monkey god, maybe that is why we see so many monkeys are on the way up there. Black faces near the bottom, red faces the higher you go up. The red-faced ones are mean and agressive so it's better just to avoid them. I will later on learn a few crazy stories about attacks by monkeys.


Rickshaw to the west side and beer to celebrate our day. You can find beer on this side of the river, amazing ;). When we take the boat it is sunset. Ingo shows Yoshi the Virupaksha Temple where the monkeys look like statues, perched high on top of the temple's walls. The priest gives us Puja (blessing) wich is to supposed to bring us luck. Mmmmhhh nice Puja with water to drink from where ??? the Ganges ? I drink one drop of it when I could have just pretended! Anyway I'm loaded with medecine and I'm writing this page a week after that day and have had no problems to speak of!

Two gods are represented in the temple : Shiva and Lakshmi (the money god). An Italian guy we met earlier told us he was looking for the god of wealth. I thought it was funny there should be one. But then they do have a god for absolutely everything! We leave the temple and find Lakshmi the temple Elephant on our way. You give her a banana and after she's eaten it she touches you with her trunk as Puja. If you give her a coin, she takes it and gives it to her master. Yoshi prefers to try and feed some poor skinny puppies.

Later that night I leave Hampi on a night bus. Direction Mysore !

Thank you Ingo and Yoshi for helping me get a rickshaw to Hospet and for being so kind! I had a great time with you guys!


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