Roberto, que j'ai rencontré à Hampi, me rejoint et on loge au Mary Ann' Homestay chez la famille très charmante d'Ansen et Gigi (Hansel et Gretel) et leurs filles Mariya et Anna. A Kochin une forte proportion de la population est catholique. Une peinture de Jésus trône dans la salle à manger avec bougie allumée devant et idoles. Ansen a une voiture Ambassador avec un sticker devant qui dit Jésus loves you. dans le centre, devant la Basilique Santa Cruz il y a une guest house qui s'appelle Le Christ Inn'. En chemin vers le port on croise des chèvres, un feu qui manque de nous étouffer, bonnes sœurs et écolières aux rubans bleues dans les cheveux.

At the port, the main attraction are the big Chinese square fishing nets. Kochin has an active industrial port and tomorrow the president is coming for the inauguration of the Vallarpadam International Container Transshipment Terminal (pfiou). Pineapple juice in front of the sea. Three young guys who work there are chilling out. They look 17 but are 22/23. The music playing is Un Homme Pressé by Noir Désir (famous French band from Bordeaux). So I tell them I'm from Bordeaux and ask them how they know the music. One of the boys tells me he has a French girlfriend. Actually when we talk a bit more with them, we learn that they all have several girlfriends... From France, Canada, Japan.... They talk football with R. One of them looks like Ronaldo. Such a "latin lover"! Apart from a collection of girlfriends they have a sponsorship to go and study in England. They seem to know what they want and are very confident. Of course they wonder if we're a couple and say that our names sound like Romeo and Juliette !

Fort Cochin is so clean and the people so friendly, it doesn't seem like we're in India. Even less when we go to the Kashi Art Café, in a Dutch house, with different alcoves where to sit and old sewing machines as tables, with cakes and iced coffee on offer. The only problem are the mosquitos, there's loads of them, so we try the water lili oil Roberto bought in Mysore.

For dinner we can't resist the charm of crazy Aboo who speaks Spanish and French and sings Manu Chao and Bob Marley to us. He is always making jokes and smiling. Rob says he doubts he'll find another Indian like him. We have grilled white snapper and Tiger prawns that we went to get at the fish market and at the restaurant they cook it for us.

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