Small walk on the beach before I meet the girls for breakfast. Main Beach is empty apart from some playful dogs. I go south and walk by spring where some Indians are washing themselves. A few meters away a group of fishermen are cleaning nets of all the fish caught in them. Eagles are flying very low in circles above our heads. Back on the main beach, 3 women are doing the "hello to the sun"yoga movements.

After many trips to and fro the sand and water, we move out from the intensive burning sun and go to wander around the numerous shops which are in a row on top of the cliff. Intense bargaining situation between Sandra and an Indian woman over a long red dress. Both are tough bargainers ! Woman starts at 1280 roupies and S offers 300. She will in the end manage to lower it to 500. When the woman went down to 600, S who'd been saying 500 for a while lowered again the price to 400. "you say 600, I say 400." so it's all a thing of arguing on one side and détermination and no flinching on the buyer's side. The woman seemed quite impressed by Sandra's bargaining skills !

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