Next day breakfast at the Ootupura veg restaurant where waiter Youssouf is a real seducer. He looks like a little dog with his eyes shining and he looks at you intensely. Is quite disarming !

Peter whom I'll meet again in Aleppey, lends me his phone to call Sandra and Victoria. This no home country man has just left an intensive Teacher Yoga Training session of 4 weeks in Trivandrum. He doesn't connect to Varkala and longs to leave.

At the beach, I read some of my book. Really is a crazy story. Everything in the world is happening to the main character... After dancing in the rain, he saves some junky's life, then he finally makes love to the woman he loves, gets piteouslessly beaten up and sent to jail for no reason.... All that in one day. I get a lovely tan on my face and throat. My face is tanned from cheeks to chin and my throat has white lines along the creases.

In the evening, I bump into the Swedes. They're a bit disappointed by their Periyar National Park experience where they didn't see a single animal.