On the canoë one Korean girl studying anthropology in Bengalore, Fred and Suzanne aFrench and German couple from Agen and Suzanna from Italy. Both Suzannes are nurses. One specialised in babies the other in the mentally ill. The tour is nice, peaceful. Sujith shows us mango, black pepper, pecan nut trees and red pineapples. We stop at a coconut plantation where coconut is dried for its oil and coconut fibre is used for making ropes. We see a man climb up a coconut tree. 

A Krishna temple brings the conversation round to Krishna. Although Krishna is theGod of marriage, he is also the god who has all a human being's bad habits. Sujith tells us a few stories about Krishna. As he's Christian, he needs some help from the paddler. He clearly doesn't understand K's religion. In the field of a battle K leads men against some demon who can only be killed by a arrow in his thigh. K is the only one to know that and never tells his men... 

Mischievous K steals clothes from women who were bathing and climbs up a tree to hide. When the women come out of the river, they are embarrassed and annoyed by the situation. They cross their arms over their chests. K laughs and tells them he'll give them back their clothes on the condition that they show their hands !

The canoë tour continues in good humour. Guide and paddler joking a lot together and teasing women on the shore. Sujith to a bunch of girls washing in the canal : are you ok washing among dead fish ?? We are even invited to the party he's having for a hundred people to celebrate his daughter's baptism and moving into a new house.

I have lunch with Fred and Suzanne. Suzanna speaks French caus' she lived till the age of 20 in France, Paris and Brittany. German Suzanne has travelled a lot and did a world trip a few years before. It's her 5th time in India. She had to convince Fred to come and he understands better now her attachment to this country. All three of them arrived in Chennai and visited several parts of Tamil Nadu before arriving in Kopalam, a place near the sea in Kerala where sick and old westerners go to be healed because of the high quality and low cost of dentists and ayurvedic doctors. In Tamil Nadu F and S visited many temples and saw many pilgrims. When they arrived at the most southern point of India where the 3 seas meet, they saw Indians ending their pilgrimage there and seeing the sea for the first time in their lives. 

We will be all four-gether on the ferry to Allepey tomorrow. 

In the evening I go to the same food walla where I went the day before where I eat for 25 roupees- two dosas and masala tomato sauce and an omelette. Tonight there is a full moon. The mosquée is decorated with green flags.

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