Then I see it, the weird extra little thumb sticking out awkwardly from the side of her left thumb. It is also nail varnished and henne decorated. In the middle of the small struggle, I can't take my eyes off the girl's hand, apart from that she is pretty, quite petite, with big eyes and a green "cameez".  This image will stay me all day and when my eyes cross those of young Indian women I look for their hands but of course it is never her.  The Pagoda looks like a spaceship which has landed in the middle of nowhere. To get to it we must take a ferry to cross a river. The river is filthy with a few lonesome birds fishing in it and muddy dogs on the shore. On our side crappy looking buildings, on the other green forest with a shiny gold Pagoda which sticks out and hidden promises of amusement with two fun parks. Reminds me a little of Coney Island in NY. The inside of the Pagoda is very impressive. Meditation calls you.

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List of weddings in Mumbai


Kiran, from New Zealand, came to India, Gujarat, to see his family. He met 40 young women and among them found his wife. She is smart and beautiful but speaks little English. His family likes her and her family and visa versa. At 33, Kiran thinks "why not follow the family's tradition". The newly-wed will move to New Zealand in 6 months when her visa is ready. She is quite happy even if she'll miss her family. She is very religious and he barely - even if a faded red dot is present on his forehead while he tells me about his sudden wedding. We are on the plane to Bangkok. As the girl comes from a poor family, Kiran's family paid for every thing. His father is quite well-known in the region and Kiran explains to me that most Gujaratis who have moved abroad own motels or shops, so if I meet an Indian in California who owns a motel, I should ask if he knows Kiran's dad.